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Aboriginal Relations Educator Thrives with Axioms in Mind

Bob Joseph leads educational workshops to build understanding of value differences

It happened by accident, but Bob Joseph created a career out of educating Canadian settler society on how to better relate with Aboriginal Peoples.

Stories Break Through Social Innovation Lingo at SIX

Eli Enns absorbs the power of story at social innovation global gathering

It was the lunch hour of day 1 at SIX 2014 — the Social Innovation Exchange Global Gathering in Vancouver held May 27-29. By this point, participants from around the world had already received an assortment of welcomes — to Canada, to B.C., to Musqueum land, to the SIX Global Gathering. Eli Enns took a different approach.

Master’s Students Discover Engineering Solutions from Community

What does engineering look like through the lens of Indigenous sovereign governance?

When Travis Hnidan first set foot on the Samson Cree First Nation, he admits he felt a bit uneasy. Not only was the University of Alberta water resources engineering student unaccustomed to seeing things like burned out houses left in the cityscape, or a number of feral dogs wandering around — he had never lived in a rural community before.

100 in 1 Day Prototypes the Co-created City

A conversation with the man who sparked Canada’s first 100 in 1 day event

When Juan Londono returned from a visit to his hometown in Colombia last year, he realized his new home, Montreal, was ready to launch its own 100 in 1 Day event. He’d attended a 100 in 1 Day workshop in Bogotá, Colombia during his visit and learned about the grassroots movement erupting in cities around the world.

Recycling Project in Indonesia the ‘Way of the Future’

Project will generate social, economic and environmental value

Canadian Guy Riel is working to find partners to collaborate on an Indonesian recycling initiative which has gained the support of local and regional governments as well as international organizations such as Caritas Belgium and the Rainforest Alliance.

In These Chaotic Times, Deepening Community the Promise

Canadian author Paul Born hopes to help turn tide on growth of fear-based communities

One projection is that a billion people will be displaced over the next 50 years. Already nearly 1,500 families a day are moving to the City of Mumbai from rural India.

Animating Public Spaces Can Inspire Sustainable Behaviour

'I see artistic endeavours, the animation of public space, as a carrot instead of a stick for acting in a more sustainable manner': community consultant

Public produce spaces — gardens grown on public lots and available for anyone to harvest — are just one example of a growing movement to animate public spaces in a way that inspires rather than drives sustainable behaviour.

Designing and Making Choices as a Community — That’s Placemaking

Placemaking advocate Mark Lakeman says citizen-driven design of public space a growing trend

City Repair co-founder Mark Lakeman has been involved in placemaking, citizen-driven co-design of community spaces, for 17 years. His motivation and drive has in no way slowed down, especially now as the movement increasingly picks up.

Democratic Workplaces Movement Blooming in Iowa

‘I would feel very proud to have Iowa known as the Silicon Valley of democratic companies’

When Traci Fenton met Mark Nolte, president of The Iowa City Area Development (ICAD) Group, for coffee in the fall of 2012 he shared a vision for how the Creative Corridor could become the “Silicon Valley” of democratic workplaces.

Young Man Journeys to a Meaningful Life, Disability and All

Meaningful relationships at the centre of Paul Tiller’s thriving

On March 5, 2010, Paul Tiller realized a dream he, his family and friends had been cherishing for years – the Peterborough, Ontario resident moved into his own apartment. Paul's arms jutted over his head in a sign of victory when asked what he thought as he stood in the centre of his new place.


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