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Grassroots Collaborative Hosts Political Parties’ Forum on Healthy Aging and Care

Creating a new culture of aging in New Brunswick has to be a collective effort, collaborative recognizes

A Sept. 9 political parties’ forum on the topic of healthy aging and care in New Brunswick is another demonstration that a grassroots effort “gets it.” Neither government nor the “citizenry” is capable of achieving the degree of change the province requires in the coming years alone — the work has to be a collective effort.

MindMixer: Civic Engagement 24/7, in Your Pyjamas

Civic tech software is giving more citizens a voice in local decisions

Imagine that the citizens of your community can participate meaningfully in important local issues from the comfort of their own homes, at any time of day that’s convenient, without taking a lot of time.

The London Plan: A Message From the Future of Planning in Canada

A new benchmark for citizen engagement in the future of a city

If you want a window into the future of planning in Canada, look to London, Ontario. The city has involved more than 15,000 people in the largest public engagement on a planning process in Canadian history. The draft plan released a few weeks ago is so innovative it rewrites the playbook for what a plan can be.

New Community Planning Method Evolves and Deepens Community Engagement

What’s making ‘OCP in a week’ stick?

Taking an unconventional approach to planning, Urban Systems urban designer Leighton Ginther led the District of Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia in a design charrette for a residential neighbourhood several years ago. The tool used for generating ideas for a particular community issue evolved into an increasingly popular tactic dubbed ‘OCP in a week.’

Iowa Media Company Earns Blue Zones Worksite Designation

The Gazette Company demonstrates commitment to employee well-being

The Gazette Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is part of a global movement to promote living longer and better lives through the Blue Zones Project.

New Brunswick Grassroots Join Together to Change Culture of Aging

Effort yields surprising outcomes as unlikely partners show their support

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association isn’t an organization that one would necessarily expect to join a province-wide effort to improve the culture of aging, but that’s what’s happened.

Mapping the Shift to 'Local Government 3.0'

Changes underway at City Hall are the biggest in decades

Local government in Canada is in its most significant period of change since the post-war years.

Flood Mitigation Project Inspires Deep Community Engagement

Team breaks through barriers of flood aftermath in Black Diamond, Alta.

When Meghan Aebig was in Black Diamond, Alta. to support flood recovery and mitigation work last fall she stepped into a coffee shop — and an awkward moment. In line before Meghan, a patron was sharing concerns that the “new engineer” she was about to meet wasn’t going be able to help her.

Massive, Main Street Photo Exhibit ‘Shifts Feelings’ in Alberta Community

Art, community conversations building resilience of remote village

The Village of Delburne, located halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta provides a model for communities looking to engage residents in setting priorities and making decisions on what matters.

Young Woman Takes Road Less Travelled in Quest to End Extreme Global Poverty

Daphne Nederhorst honours people, creates conditions for entrepreneurialism by building on local strengths

Raised in Tanzania with a mom as a diplomat and a dad who worked on typical international aid projects — think big dams, big roads — Daphne Nederhorst became convinced as a young child that international aid was not the answer to the most pressing issues countries like hers were facing.


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