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One of the challenges we face in realizing a reimagined democracy is the force of narrative. The dominant narrative, the one purveyed by mainstream media, corporate communications, and political campaigns, is for the most part an institutional narrative. It isn’t really for or by the grassroots at all.

Meg Wheatley

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In my work with large organizations, one of the questions we often ask is, "How would we work differently if we really understood that we are truly self-organizing?" The first thing we recognize is that, just like individuals, the organizations we create have a natural tendency to change, to develop.

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The new economy movement in the US and internationally is gathering in Boston from June 7-9, for a pathfinding conference on business in alignment with community. Amy Klein and Maddie Phadke of the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts welcome opening-day attendees to Local Sustainable Economies: Building Entrepreneurship & Community Resilience. (Follow the conference on Twitter at #aligningbusiness.)

Laury Hammel in conversation on sustainable business and local living econmies

No one person can ever embody a social movement. But if someone could, it might be Laury Hammel.